burberry manequinn

I wanted to create a virtual shop that offers 'one off' finds and items that stand out from the norm.   B’s Yard is about creativity and expression and the pleasures of owning   vintage pieces.

Vintage items naturally conjure feelings of nostalgia and the moment in time it takes us back to; the people we cared about and the places we visited.  For me vintage hunting is both addictive and thrilling,  never knowing what I may find next.

I look for the unusual and the obscure, mixing era’s and fashions, as well as sourcing to spec.

B's Yard provides an eclectic range of furniture and home accessories.   I don't restore as some people prefer items in their natural state  without being modified,  therefore some items may need more love and attention than others.  I aim to inspire 'vintage living in a modern world', and hope that  B’s Yard can offer something for everyone, regardless of style and taste.

Happy Shopping !

Sam Breckner